Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meeting Halfway

Last weekend Jakob and I drove to Kerrville to spend a weekend with my mom and sister. They live in Abilene and Kerrville is pretty much halfway to the others' house for the four of us. There is not really anything to do in Kerrville, but we loved it.

We met there on Friday night and ate dinner at the Inn-it was not that great btw-and then went to bed. Saturday was grrrrreat. We got up, ate breakfast, went to Walmart, ate lunch, and then took a nap. Loved it. After our nap, my mom and Jessica went and picked up tacos for dinner and we got a pay-per-view showing of Mama Mia. Then, we went to bed. It was perfect. Not a lot of "things-to-do" to get in our way of just spending some great time together.

They hadn't seen Jakob since September. Here are the things that are different about him now: he has two teeth, he army crawls, he's learning to crawl on his hands and knees, he pulls up, he sleeps through the night, he eats table food, and I am sure there is more. (Oh yeah, he says mama.)

My mom has been waiting for almost 9 months (since Jakob was born) to be able to give him food from her plate. It's a nana thing, you may not understand, and that's ok. Nana was in food heaven this weekend. She fed him, and he ate. And ate, and ate. (Coincidentally, now that we are home he won't eat. ) He is probably still stuffed from lunch at Luby's.

I think this is going to be an annual or biannual event. It was great.

The pictures above are of my mom and Jakey playing aroun. One of them is from when Jakob kept trying to eat my mom's forehead. It was hilarious. These pictures below are from when Jake and I were playing while my mom and sister finished packing there things. (I did take some pics of Jake and his aunt but for some reason, there's something wrong with each picture...most of them she is either blinking or the picture is out of focus.) So to protect her I am not posting them.

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