Thursday, March 26, 2009

For Stellan

Prayers for Stellan

We are dedicating this post to Stellan (MckMuffin) over at He is in the hospital with an exceptionally high heart rate (SVT). He was actually predicted not to live to be born, but he did. He is a living miracle, and he needs our prayers again.

A tradition that a blogreader (I think) started was having people write(etc.) Stellan's name, take a picture and send it to his mom's blog.

The tradition continues....

We are here for you, Stellan and family.


Katrina said...

Oh I love your Stellan pictures! So cute!

Melanie said...

oh now that is creative and cute!!!
praying for stellan!

Claire said...

Such a cute picture! Praying for Stellan!