Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm Getting Organized

After tripping over Jakob's toys one too many times, I went to Walmart and bought supplies to reign in what he had been given for Christmas and his birthday.

We have arranged our furniture to have an area behind the couch for the kids stuff. I took some pictures so I could brag about my good work.

Those of you who know me know how truly miraculous it is that I could do this by myself.


Laura said...

Hooray for organizing! My girls' toys are all in baskets and such too. I guess I never thought of putting them in the kind that have lids! So Ky dumps them out when she gets bored.

Amy - AKA - TigerMommie said...

Organizing is great!.........We have the same Little People Ark!!

j3k said...

Be thankful for all these toys before you know it they will be all grown up and you won't have anymore toys to trip over :) Mine are 18,16, 11 and 10 and I sure miss the toys!!!! Now its size 16 shoes and bats and backpacks..... The organization looks great!
Hearts and hugs