Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Up

Recently overheard in the bathroom in my house while I sit on the couch: Kassidy is sitting on the potty, taking care of business and Jakob and Cade feel the need to keep her company.

Kassidy (sense of urgency): Jakob's in here!!
Me (I probably should get up and go get him, but I am so tired.): It's alright.

Kassidy: He's eating the ducky.
Me (At least it's not the toilet paper.): It's ok.

Kassidy: He's climbing on the stool.
Me(It won't hurt that bad if he falls off...I just need to sit here for a little bit and rest): He's fine.

Kassidy: Jakey's eating toilet paper.
Me:(Well, now I really should get up, but Jake was up 3 times last night with his teething and coughing...I just want to sit. At least tp is clean.) Ok

A little time goes by, the sound of talking, and moving around can be heard.

Kassidy: Jakey's eating poop.
Me: I'm up.

(For those worried about it, he wasn't eating poop, but he was standing at the toilet waiting for kassidy to get up...eating it was the next logical step.)


Kiza said...

Hilarious post.
I found you from 4littlemen... just wanted to say that you probably put up the best comment today. I thought it was perfect.

Kiza said...

comment about the milk post... if you were confused.