Tuesday, July 21, 2009

signing collage

signing sollage, originally uploaded by bananadc.

Here are a few pictures of Jakob doing some of the signs he has (finally) learned.

Can anyone help me with why the right side of the collage is cut off? And how do i fix it? I did the blog, including the collage through picnik and flickr. Anyone familiar with this. read: HELP!!!

FYI: You CAN click on the picture to see the whole thing. I know you knew that, but just for fun..... I am letting you know anyway.

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2Shaye said...

I haven't used picnik or flickr, but I make my collages with picasa and if mine look like this, it's just that I've chosen one that's too big and will have to resize the photo to fit within my blog constraints.

These are adorable! My college foreign language was ASL and I've been slowly working on it with our children, too! SOOO sweet!