Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Three Things You Didn't Know

I am pretty wide open on this blog, but here are three things I may not have mentioned.

1. I have 7 siblings, but only one of them shares a mom AND a dad with me. Here's the breakdown: 1 full sister, 2 stepbrothers, 1 stepsister, 2 halfbrothers, 1 half sister. The youngest is my halfsister who is 14, the oldest is a halfbrother who is 39. (The three of us have the same dad. In fact all of us but my 2 stepbrothers and stepsister have the same dad.) Confused?

2. I used to be an animal lover. We always had animals growing up....German Shepherds, (lots and lots of)cats, and even a guinea pig. But now that I am married and a mom....I don't need anything else to take care and I find myself struggling not to HATE the two labs we have now.

3. I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I could remember. Except for the brief period in fourth grade where I wanted to cut hair and train dolphins.

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Shaye said...

WOW on your siblings. That's amazing!

On the animals, we used to have two dogs and three cats before having kids. And now I can't imagine having all those animals again. We currently have none, but I'm just now beginning to get the "puppy bug" again. We'll see...I just can't imagine having any more energy to clean up more messes and more poop. LOL

How funny...my 4th grade teacher is the one who originally made me want to be a teacher. And during my graduate education work, about 20 kids in one of my classes said the exact same thing. We decided there was just something about 4th grade...maybe that's the last year that school is totally "fun" before it starts getting incredibly serious. I dunno. LOL

Have a great day!


Moms On The Go said...

Family is family no matter how confusing lol

Happy Hopping!

Brian said...

Cutting hair, I think teaching was a better choice, still someone has to cut hair, well unless we were all dolphins.