Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Day In The Life (inspired by Niecey D)

4:15 Jakob wakes up. Nurse him, try to stay awake on couch while he finishes.

4:45 Put him back in bed. I get in bed. I get out of bed, I have to pee. Go to the bathroom, get back in bed.

6:15 Text from Jennifer: She's dropping Kassidy off at school and bringing Cade after that. Set alarm from 6:45 to 7:45.

7:15 Wake up, even though alarm hasn't gone off yet. Get dressed. Start thinking of everything I need to do today. (I'm leaving out a 30 minute....ummm......'thing' that has to do with "that time of the month". Trust me, you don't want to know.)

7:45 Realize it's Jakob's first day of MDO so I need to get a bag ready for him.

Gather two diapers from the package on the living room floor, go to the bathroom to grab a portable thing of wipes. Get Jakob's "Jakob" bag that we made him for Jess's wedding. Label the wipes and the diapers with Jakob's first name and initial. Grab a snack cup. Label it as well.

Open the cabinet look for a snack for Jakob that a) will not make a mess, b)he will eat c) is not a big allergen for other kids...i.e. peanut butter. Realize the pantry is reallllly empty of these kinds of things and settle for the Target brand sweet potato puffs that Jakob doesn't really like {which btw is the reason we still have any at all}. Oh well, two out of three isn't bad.

(Side note: I'm going to have to quit time stamping these things, because I am not really watching the clock.)

But I do know that Jakob wakes up at 8: 05 {which is extremely late for him} because Barney comes on at 8, and he watches Barney while I finish getting his bag ready. Also, Cade arrives at some point.

When Jennifer brings Cade she points out that he has been given some kind of medicine for his cough/stopped up nose, that Troy is going to make a doctor's appointment for him, and could I please blow his nose a lot for him and offer him lots of liquids throughout the day. Sure thing, I say.

Cade comes in, he sits in David's chair and sips on the Sprite that he got from Sonic with his mom that morning. (Whatever happened to juice or milk for breakfast, I wonder. Oh well, not my child...moving on.)

I label Jakob's sippy cup , the one with the sports balls on it, and then I laber the last remaing organic juice patch {which is more water than juice} and stick them in the Jakob bag with the diapers and wipes. I don't really let Jakob have juice, but we do have one left, and I don't want his first day to be bad just because all the other kids get juice boxes and he doesn't. So I bend on this one.

Jakob needs to eat so I give him {after asking Cade if it is ok}a few of Cade's tater tots from breakfast {don't get me started on tater tots for breakfast}.{Oh wait, I just gave Jakob some...for breakfast. Oops.} And a cheese stick.

Jakob drinks it with some water...the sippy cup that is intended for MDO. Must remember to put that back in the bag.

I grab Jake up along with the antibacterial cream and a fingertip bandaid that I need to dress the blister on his thumb with twice a day. Hold a squirmy, wormy Jakob still while I try to 'apply a thin layer' of cream to Jakob's thumb. As soon as I get the cream on his thumb he shakes his hand violently, or rubs it with his fingers so the cream is off. After three attempts I am finally successful in not only applying the cream, but also putting the band aid on. Tight. So he can't pull it off. For at least 45 seconds.

It's about 9:00 and I want to refill my drink at Stripes so we load up.We head to Jakob's school {which is really just the community center.} I give Jakers a book, and pray he doesn't chew on it. We arrive at Stripes before I run in to get a drink, I look in the back seat to make sure everyone's alright...it's awfully quiet in the back. Jakob's chewing on something. Great. The book. Why can't he just look at it? I ask him to give me whatever's in his mouth. I take what he hands me and then look at his thumb. It's the band aid. Nice.

We arrive at Jake's MDO early, but we needed to so that Jakob could get a bit acclimated. Cade writes on his magnadoodle while I add Dr Cortes' number to Jakob's enrollment form and I write a check for his tuition and supply fee and also while I steer Jakob out of the office and away from the computer three times, and take the empty water bottles that Jakob has taken out of the recycling and put them back. Twice. Check on Cade, he's still writing.

Tap,tap, tap on my leg. What is it? Cade. He wants to know what that ball is. It's a ball. Oh ok. Want to go see it? Yes. Ok, just don't throw it.

Jakob's teacher says all drinks need to be in a sippy cup and not a juice box, I say no problem I brought one. Oh. Wait. Is it in the bag? No. Crap. I didn't put it back in. That's ok they say, next time. Thank you.

It's only 9:30.

It's time to go so Cade and I leave. We head home. Cade asks if he can watch Cars when we get home. He's not feeling great and I am having the worst cramps ever....back and front cramps, I never had those before I had Jakob. So I say yes, glad for a chance. To. Just. Sit. Still.

I lounge on the couch with my computer and think about what else needs to get done today. Lunch-hmmm how about grilled cheese, but what else...our pantry is at an all time low, I get paid tomorrow so I'll get some groceries then, but for now, what will go with the sandwiches? I'll look into that after I pick Jakob up. It's not like I can go to the store. And I don't even want to thinkk about dinner. I think we have some veggie noodles and some canned tomatoes that Jessica gave me when I was in Abilene at the end of August. Maybe David can spare 5 dollars to get some meat to add to that.

Lounge on the couch, sip some Dr Pepper, take some motrin, and lie very still until the it kicks in. Thank you MDO!!

Motrin starts working so I pry my body off the couch and attack the laundry on the love seat. Fold it, put it away. Think about how much faster this goes when I don't have someone unhelping me.

Get Cade his Lightning McQueen coloring book and the crayons so he can color. Clear off the table, the kitchen cabinets, and take out the kitchen trash. I take a new trash bag out and then realize why I forgot to put Jakob's cup back in the bag........

It's 12. Time to go get Jakob. Grab my phone. Uh oh. Missed a call from a 361 number. I hope it's not Jakob's school. It was at 10:17 so hopefully not. I redial the number to see who it was, and it was Driscoll Children's Hospital reminding me I owe them 100 dollars from Jakob's visit in June. Drat. Another bill we don't have money for right now. Yay.

Ok, Folks. I thought I could do "A Day In The Life." But man I am worn out just from typing all of this and from trying to type all of this. And I have only gotten to lunch.

Here are a few things you missed from the afternoon that I am not chronicling.

Left to right:

1.Getting a million things (one at a time, through out the day) off of the kitchen table/cabinet for Jakob.

2. clear the kitchen floor, sweepit and mop it with acv to get rid of the ants

3. Save a few things on the kitchen cabinet from the sweeping effect the top of the swiffer has in Jakob's hands.

Other things not mentioned, that I love.....the gazillion times that Jakob wanted to sit with me, nurse, or read a book. Those are times I treasure and should have been what I focused on in this post, but somehow I always focus on other things.

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