Thursday, January 14, 2010

Did you see that? UPDATED for Niecey

At the bottom is the picture where I jsut selected the decrease red option. Should I do it on my own (if I can figure out how to find that option) or is this good? And how did you even think of decreasing the red?


PhotobucketHere is my atempt at editing. Feedback anyone? The first one is SOOC, the second is PhotoChoppedShopped.
The title has double edged meaning. One, it loooks like Jakob might be a bit startled, and two, can you see the differences in the two pics, and are the changes good. Plus, what else can I do to help it out.

Also, apparently, it's delurking if you have never, or even if you just rarely make comments....SPEAK UP......please.

Thank you very much.



Adventures In Babywearing said...

Love his eyes!!

I am no expert at editing. I use picasa & usually first adjust saturation & then shadows. Sometimes I'll try the fancy extra features on picnik if I feel like it!


Jana Green said...

Did you scroll down to see Jakob and my new baby Kaia in the wrap that I made?

Niecey said...

Nice work! It looks good. I like the extra contrast. If you want constructive feedback, I'd go with reducing the red slightly. But it looks fab. Dramatic. And I think the look on his face is adorable. Nice capture and great editing.