Monday, January 18, 2010

Somebody Smell Me

David likes to fish, and every now and then, it works out that I get to go with him. We have been fishing together ever since we met, but everytime we go out (for the last five years) we come back empty handed. Well, that's not entirely true, once, we came back with three fish.

But here's the thing, when David goes out with his buddies, or even by himself, he limits on several different kinds of fish. In fact sometimes, he gets his friends' limits too.

SO I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me that when David and I go fishing together, we strike out.

Well, I might have figured it out.

Saturday night we were watching this show on Animal planet about Killer Whales versus Great White Sharks. Which one is scarier, or more dangerous?

Well it turns out that the Killer Whale is more dangerous. In fact the Killer Whale will attack and eat the Great White more often than the reverse happens.

Also, after a killer whale has attacked a great white, the great whites will leave that water. Even BEFORE the killer whale gets near the water where the great whites are, the great whites will leave that area.

So the scientists waanted to know how do the great whites know the killer whale is coming?

What they figured out is that the sharks are repelled by the scent of other decaying great whites. So the sharks smell the dead great whites that the killer whales got, and flee. It was amazing, really. I mean the scientists threw this thing with the scent of dead shark on it in the middle of a pack of sharks and BAM!! they were out of there.

So that's it.

Maybe I smell like dead fish.

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