Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yes, Again.


So you'd think I'd learn. You'd think it was hard enough the first time to get it out. You'd think having him do it twice would teach me.


And the added challenge to Jakob putting Vaseline in his hair this time is that he's 4 days out from surgery on his ears, so he did NOT want his ears touched. I have been trying to put his ear plugs in so I could give him a bath a few times a day since his surgery on Tuesday morning. They still seem to be hurting him.

But he HAD to have a bath for this. So I gritted my teeth, apologized to Jakob, and grabbed the ear plugs.

We were both crying by the end, I felt so bad that I had not watched him closely enough to prevent this. I could tell he was hurting.

He's been running a fever, so the vaseline had been out so I could keep up with his temperature. I did put it up on his changing table, but he climbed up and got it while I was finishing up my mom's birthday present in the office...the room right across the hall from his.

I might just throw that Vaseline away.

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