Tuesday, March 9, 2010

UPDATED:Prayers Needed

UPDATE: The doctor saw me today and did not take blood work, but did make appointments for me to get bloodwork and a sonogram on Monday. We need to see a heartbeat on Monday, or it will be really sad news for us. Thank you everyone for praying. We are going to expect to see a heart beat. In fact I am going to claim victory over this because I know that God gave us this baby, and we can use this situation to further show what a great God He is.

Well, the sad thing is that on Sunday night I spotted a little bit, and actually thought that was the end of it until I woke up Monday morning to cramps and more bleeding. I drove into the doctor's office and they did some bloodwork and a sonogram. I should be at 6 weeks, 3 days and the sonogram dated me at 4 weeks and 6 days. When the blood work came back, it showed my HCG level as being at a good level, but my progesterone-the hormone that keeps you pregnant-was at a 6 when it should be at a 30.

A day later, and I am still bleeding and cramping consistently. My doctor started me on progesterone supplements, and I have found success stories on the internet about using them, but I am afraid that it is just too late.

I know that it is possible that I am still pregnant, even though it is not likely. My doctor herself said she is not enthused (her words) about this pregnancy.

Guys please pray. God clearly spoke to me about this pregnancy. He clearly responded to my prayers and fasting. That is the main thing that gives me hope.

God has his hand on every pregnancy, I know. And thank goodness for that, right? But THIS pregnancy, He very specifically spoke to me about. And I have reason to believe He will honor it.

Even if we do lose this pregnancy, David and I know that God is still faithful. He is still loving. He is still kind.

I'm not going to say that we are not crying and hurting very deeply, because we are. I'm not going to say that we are fighting the urge to ask, "Why?" It. Is. Hard.

But we know that God will triumph. And we are going to give Him glory for whatever comes out of this. We are praying for this pregnancy to stick. It is NOT too late. And it doesn't matter what those numbers the doctor gives us say. With God all things are possible.

The end.



Niecey said...

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear this. I will be praying hard for this baby to stick. I believe God can turn things around!
I still remember when I was 15 and my mum was pregnant with my little brother, at 9 weeks old she started bleeding so heavily she thought she had peed her pants. Sorry for TMI, but there were huge blood clots and everything. We cried and prayed and mourned. We thought for sure it was over.
But she had an u/s and the baby was moving around fine. In about a week the bleeding stopped and the rest of the pregnancy was fine. They never found out why she had that bleeding.
I know it's not the same as your situation, but every bit of hope is something to cling to, right? I will be crying out to God for you.

Tony and Lindsay said...

praying for you....

CB said...

I am sorry Jana..first of all for being so out of the loop so Congratulations!! and also, sorry about the worries with your pregnancy. I will be praying for you.

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Oh Jana, I will pray for you. I don't think I have your private email address, so I'll write out our long story over progesterone experiences, in case it's any help at all:

With our miscarriage of 2004, we had no idea what happened. I just started light brown spotting and when I called my OBs office they said if it was brown, it was fine. But I had a bad feeling, so I asked for an appointment. When we had an ultrasound, baby was two weeks behind in measurement and had no HB. With my very next pregnancy I began spotting early again and they measured my progesterone which was at a 7. My OB started me on the oral progesterone supplements, but I really hated having to medicate. I had already stopped spotting and my numbers jumped to 63 within 48 hours. So they had me stay on them until week 14.

With the following pregnancy, my progesterone measured at 14.4 but they STILL put me on progesterone, again, even though the scale of average for 5-6 weeks pregnant was something like 8 to 30 (I clearly fell within the normal range for my dates). That time it made me dizzy and terribly sick (for about 2 hours after each dosage). I also had to stop breastfeeding my previous baby, just like with my prior pregnancy, and it was a horrible transition for him at not even 2 years old.

After that pregnancy I did a lot of medical reading because it seemed like so many people I know are on progesterone. There were studies/stories of women who stayed at a 1-4 during their early first trimester and still carried completely healthy babies, and others who were at a 30 who lost their babies. The stuff I read at the time said there was no clear evidence that progesterone actually saved a pregnancy, but that they hadn't found that it hurt anything to use it (other than it enters breastmilk), so it was worth a shot. Some women start them and their pregnancy keeps going, so doctors assume it was the progesterone. Yet so many others with low numbers didn't take them and their pregnancies continue, too.

I'm now somewhere between 7.5 and 11.5 weeks pregnant (we were shocked to find out, so we're not sure when it happened since my periods haven't been regular). I've not had any hormone testing done, but I'd really like to avoid taking progesterone this time. My midwife said the safest and seemingly most effective form of progesterone in her experience is vaginal progesterone, so she prescribes it for a lot of her home birth moms. If I end up going that route, I could go from taking 400mg by mouth to only taking 100mg vaginally and it eliminates all of the side effects from going through your entire system. I would apparently have to lay still for 30 minutes just one time a day and it soaks right into the uterus where it's needed. I also wouldn't have to stop breastfeeding.

Sorry for taking up your comments section. You ARE in my prayers, Jana. I understand how scary these times are. And I'm humbled to see your faith in the midst of this storm. It's beautiful and encouraging!



Jessi Dawn said...

Thanks for commenting on my post. I prayed for you right away. Still praying. I'm sorry you are hurting. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. Just keep coming to God. Bless you.

Sunnysideup said...

Oh, Jana...I am so sorry to hear that there are concerns. My prayers are with you...God is great and I know that He is with you, no matter the outcome but I am praying that He has mercy and keeps your little one thriving! I pray there is soon good news!