Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, I had my intake appointment with my ob, and it went well. She said my previous progesterone level was so high they had to send it off, and that she hadn't seen one that high in a very long time.

Then I went to the ultrasound. We were checking for fetal heart tones since I was 6w and 1 day. The baby is measuring at 5 w and 3d, and so there wasn't a heartbeat. I am scheduled to go back in on the 23rd to check again.

I am really trying to be optimistic. There IS a sac and a fetal pole, which is more than was there last time. Also, I am not bleeding or cramping (it's hard not to add 'yet'.) And Dr Stafford said my uterus is the right size and my cervix is closed.

Also, I was on Clomid, and I have heard of numerous case of women ovulating late on Clomid. And it was my first round of Clomid, so we don't really know WHEN I ovulated.

My dates could just be off.....(Well, in my defense, they aren't MY dates. The date that I have-my lmp, is dead on, how do I miss that? But who knows when I ovulated?)

Y'all, please pray for my peace and that there is a heartbeat on Wednesday.



Tony and Lindsay said...

Praying for you!

Niecey said...

Dear God, please protect this baby who is so loved and cherished and wanted. Please bless this pregnancy and give peace to Jana as she waits to hear more news. I pray that the days will pass smoothly and swiftly until they get to see the heartbeat and receive reassurance that their baby is strong and healthy. Please grant these beautiful people the desires of their heart for a healthy baby to love. In Jesus name, Amen.

Wendi said...

Hey Jana! I am going to work at Cornerstone - 1st grade. Very excited! Do y'all still go to FCCC? Hope everything goes well with your pregnancy.