Friday, January 28, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I just wanted to write out some things that Jakob has said or done that I don't want to forget. (In other words, you may want to move to the next blog on your blogroll.)

~One night, Jakob goes out the front door by himself. Luckily, I was right there. I called him back in, he looked up at me and said "Woah, it's dark out there. It's outer space."

~He likes to use this calculator that my father-in-law gave him as a phone. One day he was pretending to talk to my mom, and he called her saying, "Hi, Nana, sorry I missed your call."

~He has a set of plastic bugs that my mom gave him, and one night when a fly from that set got swept out from under the tv where it had apparently been for awhile, Jakob was scared of it. I told him it was pretend, but it still took him awhile to believe me. He finally looked up at me and said, "It's atend (pretend). It can't bar (bother)us."

~Lately, instead of just saying "Give me a hug." or "Give me five", he has been adding the word 'man', so now he comes up to you and says, "Give me a hug, man."

~Instead of 'can't' he says 'tan't'. And until recently, instead of 'find', he would say 'found'. So he would say, "I tan't found it."

~In his pretend play, or 'routine' conversations he has with you he'll ask, "Did you have a good time?" (I frequently ask him this when I pick him up from class at church.)

~He looooooves coffee. And begs for it when David makes some. My mom heats up chocolate milk, and gives it to him for his coffee, and he seems to be ok with this.

~Today he told me that Joshua was his favorite new brother, and that he was 'too tiny.'

~He loves to tell people that his birthday is "March da tird." (March the Third.") And he recently told me that he was going to have drums at his party (Well, of course. That's what you have when you're birthday is in March.)

"His" song on Air 1 is Press Play 'Everybody Move' (It might actually be called New York to LA.....I'm not sure. He gets up and dances when it comes on.

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