Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What A (Two) Weeks

So, on Sunday, October, 7,  almost exactly two weeks after I spent the night in the hospital for preterm labor, I get a call from David's parents while Jakob is over there. Jakob has fallen at the park and they think he has broken his arm.

SO I go to their house and Papa takes me and Jakob to Driscoll Children's ER. You can tell just by looking at his arm that it is broken. The question is how badly. We get there, they take him straight back to a room since Jakob is in so much pain he can't stop crying. They give him some morphine and he was at least not in intense pain anymore, although you could tell he was still pretty uncomfortable.

They do x-rays and the doctor comes to tell us that he has broken both bones in his right forearm, and they only set that under general anesthesia in kids as young as Jakob. So we are admitted over night with surgery planned in the morning.

He has surgery around ten the next morning where the orthopedic surgeon Dr Comstock puts a pin in his ulna and cast/splints his arm and makes an appointment to get his real cast put on in two weeks on the 19th.

Highlights of the hospital stay for Jakob:

  • peeing in the plastic urinal in the bed
  • having a "sleepover at the doctor's office"
  • having almost total control over the tv
He was especially excited about the peeing in the urinal part. 

Luckily, I had an appointment the day after we were discharged and I was taken OFF of bedrest. Thank goodness, because a four-year-old with a cast is a lot like having another toddler.

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