Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

That's when it started. At 11:36.

I was finishing running a Walmart errand with the boys and as I was sitting at the Subway drive thru, I noticed a contraction. And then another one. And they just kept coming until I got home and counted 8 in 40 minutes.

I text Loren and asked her if there was anyway she could watch the boys because I felt like I should go get checked out. I had a similar situation with contractions on the evening of Thanksgiving, but the contractions petered out before I could go in to get check out. So a little over a week later and here we are again.

Loren was running errands in Corpus, but cut the last few out so that she could come and take me to the hospital. Loren Mark would watch (all 6) kids.

On the way to the hospital, the contractions were coming every minute. I was very surprised and it made me a little anxious.

Once i got to triage and got hooked up to the monitors, they had slowed down to every three or four minutes, and a cervical check had turned up no change since my appointment the Wednesday before.


So the nurse called the on call doctor to get instructions. The doctor ordered a Procardia and an iv drip in an effort to stop labor.

Double bummer. (I didn't really want her born early if it would be unsafe, but still)

The nurse leaves after starting the medicine with instructions that if the contractions get stronger or longer to let her know.

Thirty minutes later whoa did they start coming.

She checked me and in thirty minutes I had gone from a one to a three.

SO I was admitted and by the time they got me to a room I was a five. Everything was looking so promising for a quick labor. Good thing I wasn't holding my breath.

18 hours later, three different speeds of pitocin, an epidural, and breaking my water and I was still a five. I was considering changing my physical address to the hospital since it felt like I was going to be moving in.....

That was close to 11. They changed the bag of pitocin since the doctor thought maybe it a defective on since I had been on it for at least twelve hours and it wasn't working. Sure enough by 12:30 I was ready to push and she was born at 12:43....5 pounds 13 ounces and 18-and-a-half inches long. And best part of all....NO NICU. She was perfectly healthy.

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