Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time Change

I know that there are probably a million posts just to this topic, and my problem is neither new nor unique.

But I have to vent.

I have tried to be patient, but my eight-month-old, who used to wake up at 8:30 ish, started waking up at 7:15 before the time change. So naturally he now wakes up at 6:15. Ugh!!! He also used to wake up 1 time in the middle of the night...he is now waking up 3 times.

I am so tired.

I try to keep him up as late as possible, but since the time change, it has been hard to get him to stay up past 7. Last night it was 6:45 when he was trying to go to sleep for the night.

I used to have to take Benadryl to fall asleep at night. Last night I fell asleep before 8:30, without Benadryl.

I am so tired. I have a headache because I am so tired.

All of this to can you be mad at a face like this.

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