Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thoughts On A Quiet Saturday Afternoon

I am just going to start typing, because, even though I want to blog, I don't know what to type. I know I am just the type of person who really annoys a lot of people. Like I know people who would say, "If you don't having anything to say, don't blog (talk)." Yet I blog (talk) anyway.

I read some people's blogs, and they have something important or dramatic going on in their lives that just giving an account of the every day life is interesting. They're pregnant, have a sick child, a high profile job, know someone famous, are famous. You get the idea.

Then there are other people who have nothing like that going on in their lives, they barely even leave their houses. But they have the deepest most profound thoughts, they make a trip to the grocery store into a life-changing event. It makes you want to find that exact store, so maybe-just maybe you can experience something even close to that.

Both of these types of people have devout blog followings. As soon as they post something, the internet air waves are crowded with readers rushing to read the latest edition.

I used to think that I didn't care if anyone even read my blog. Then I got a comment about something I wrote. Suddenly,I found myself imagining that I had secret blogmirers checking my blog every day just to see what thoughts I had spilled out today. Then I knew really, I do want someone to read my writing. I even got a 'live-feed' gadget to tell me when and where people were reading my blog.

It was shamefully short, and the only listings on that live-feed was from Ingleside, TX.



Ginger Press said...

I read your blog. I have you on my bloglist on my blog so that I know when you update it. I love the fact that I am able to keep in touch with you now.

Jana (Varley) Green said...

Thank you very much. It's good to know I'm writing for someone.

Kia Ora Shelli said...

I liked your blog, it was the 2nd one I put on my list, because it was true. Good. Real. Not a lot of B.S. and if I wanted to read that I could read the Caller Times! :P
The pics and all, just reminds me of when my little boy (now 27 and in the military) was at home, and we were doing the mundane, everyday, and very precious things that you and your little precious are doing right now. Treasure those times! I delve into my 'memory box' quite often when I know he is on raids in Iraq. Keep writing!

Jana (Varley) Green said...

Thank you, too, Kia. I feel honored that you are following my blog. I am glad you enjoy our life, as told by me.