Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jake's First Christmas

Here are some pictures from our Christmas in Abilene. This Christmas was amazing just in the fact that we added four..kinda people to my side of the family. And one member to David's. My sister Jessica got married in September, and her new husband has two kids...that's three people added. I had a baby in March, that's four. My other sister's boyfriend (and the father of her three boys) proposed to her last Christmas so he's the kinda added member. This picture is a sort of recreation of a family picture of me and my cousins. We all got matching Snoopy pajamas. And every year, my mom gets each family member pajamas (usually for Christmas Eve night). This year, we managed to get all matching for the kids. I love it!!

We went to the Abilene zoo, which is actually a pretty good zoo. You get to go up on this bridge that is eye level with the giraffes. If you buy the giraffe food at the entrance you can feed the giraffes, which they expect. So if you don't have the food, you just get grossed out by the insanely long giraffe tongues as they try to grab food from you.

This is my handsome hubby and son in Christmas dress. Don't they look handsome?

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