Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 2008

This is for a random picture challenge from 4 Little Men. It is supposed to be April 2008, the 42nd picture. But I lost all my pics earlier so have gathered all the newborn pics that I sent family and that they took and put them into one folder labeled 'Newborn Pictures'. This is the closest folder I have to an "April 2008" folder. So I picked the 42nd picture from that folder. It's from March 2008, so it's not that far from the goal.

This picture was taken at a glorious moment. I had been moved to the recovery room in the hospital, and I was just laying there holding Jakob. My stepdad took this picture.

I don't really like doing many of these posts, or the giveaway ones, because they take away from the blog...they kind of turn it into something else. But I will take these random picture challenges and turn them into something that I like.

And won't be a waste of your time. (Not implying that random picture challenges are a waste of readers' time...just that I don't post enough.)


Elaine A. said...

What a sweet moment, right after baby was born...

Natalie said...

Totally adorable and a great memory

April said...

My friends just had their first baby two days ago, it has been fun seeing new pictures of her.