Monday, April 6, 2009


I was marvelling tonight after Jakob's bath, when we go into his room, turn his lamp and music on, and shut the door. He is a very busy boy. I know that as a whole, boys are busier than girls. It's amazing to just sit and watch him. He notices everything, and tests it out.

What can it do?

Does it move? Can I pull it? Can I push it? Can I eat it? Can I step on it? Can I crawl on it? What does it taste like?

What does the top look like? What does the bottom look like? Can I turn it? Can I twist it? Does it move? What happens when I throw it? What happens when I drop it? What if it just rolls off of my hand? Can it balance on my fingers? Does it roll? Does it bounce?

What does it sound like when I bang it on the table? On the floor? On my head? On the wall? On the door?

I'm telling you it's amazing what he puts everything through. In fact sometimes I'm more amazed than I should be and he ends up getting away with more than he ought to.

Here are a few pics of my scientist in action...

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