Saturday, April 4, 2009

33rd picture

This picture is the 33rd picture in my 17th folder.....

This is my sister Jamie, snuggling with Jakob at Jessica's wedding shower. He was 6 months old. Seems like yesterday. It sounds funny, but I want to say he seems the same. Even though he is older now and can do more that makes him a different person.

I think that being a mom has made me think of things that I wouldn't have thought about otherwise. Like before, when I would see pictures of babies I know as little babies, then as toddlers, then as little kids, I would think, "Wow. They're so different now." As if they are totally different people. But now with Jakob, it's like, "Yep. That's Jakob." No matter what age he is. Odd.

BTW, I forgot to say this is a random picture challenge from 4 Little Men....there's a picture link to the right. If you click on it you can see the original post. You may have to scroll down to see her pic.

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