Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

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One of my favorite personal tot talk Tuesday stories comes from when I was living in Arlington, Virginia in 1999. I was watching a five-year-old boy named Noah who had a hard time saying the r and l sounds. When he said these sounds they came out sounding like the 'w'.

One of the times I was watching him at his house, we were playing with his favorite toys...those little green army men. He had them set up with cannons and Lincoln Logs for a huge battle.

All at once everyone started shooting, and Noah knocked all of the soldiers over. They had all died. "Man," he said, "That was a really worse war."

Which of course came out sounding like: That was a wewwy woss waw.

It was so cute


Herb of Grace said...

Yeah, isn't it fortuitious that the cuteness of the "learning to talk" stage corresponds so nicely with the Terrible Twos?? Wonder who planned that one... ;)

Anonymous said...


Niecey said...

hehe, that's how my kids still pronounce things. I remember Kaya getting so frustrated with us once, while she was asking for tawkey and we had no idea that she meant she wanted turkey (before we went veggie). She was saying, "tawkey - like, cockadoodle doo" which just confused us even more. lol.

Thanks a bunch for joining in.

Kathie said...

That is too cute. My oldest (4 years old) still has trouble with his "r"s. So words like park and garden come out "paowk" and "gaowden". Luckily it does get easier to understand them. Heck, with my one year old he has one word "ai" (hi), and pretty much one sign as well (the sign for milk). but that sign can mean milk, light, or hi, depending on when he uses it. It's so confusing!