Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

Niecey, over at The Monkeys and Me is doing Tot Talk Tuesday again. Crazy how there's a Tuesday in every week. :)

So think of the cute, funny things that kids in your life say (or have said), and blog about it and go link over to your site on her blog.

Every morning when it's time to get the kids dressed, Cade goes to the bag and says, "Where's my dress?" No amount of talking can convince him that he wears shorts, not dresses. "Where's my dress?"

Cade walks up to me-while I am sitting on the couch- with his hands on his head like this, and says:

"You're making my head hurt. I think I need chocolate milk."

I can't think of anything else...I know there's more. I might come back and update as I think of more.


Niecey said...

I love it!

Michelle M. said...

Cute! My son always tells me he is sweaty when he wants a drink- that doesn't actually mean that he is sweaty, though :)

Momma Miller said...

Cute, cute! I especially love the picture. Heehee!


Kathie said...

Yes, chocolate milk cures all ills! Too cute.

Niecey said...

Smart kid! That kind of made me want some chocolate milk.

The Amazing Trips said...

A few months ago, my four-year-old son was trying to run away from home and while I pleaded with him not to go, he looked at me and said, "MOM, you are giving me a headache. Now put down your camera and DRIVE me to Noni's." (Noni is my mother who lives 3,000 miles away.) I caught the whole thing on video and it slays me every time.

Chocolate milk. That is the definitely the correct prescription for a headache!

Anonymous said...

That's cute.