Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What is "Blogger in Draft"?

And why do I want to use it? Some of the buttons are different, and I can now strikethrough. But what else? Anyone know?

Bonus....I just found at the bottom that I can choose to post this tomorrow. (I actually typed this on Monday, June 22.)

There is no button to add a photo..... That's rather boring.

The new updated buttons, including the new 'preview' are cool, though.

I want to post a picture.

(Now that I scheduled it to post tomorrow, do I click Save or Publish???/


Niecey said...

I didn't notice any of that stuff. It sounds cool

Momma Miller said...

Hmmm, I've been thinking about trying it out but just haven't gotten around to it, yet. Though I've never used blogger in draft, I use the "html" edit in regular blogger and it allows me to select any date to post. I have to open the "options" thingy at the bottom, though to change the date and time. And I also do a strike through by putting an "s" inside of brackets before a word and then "/s" inside of the brackets after the word. I'm not sure how to put that in a comment since it doesn't like the little bracket symbol (the same keys as the comma and period).

So...I guess I need to try out blogger in draft to see if there are any other cool options.



Christina said...


Blogger in draft is a special version of Blogger where we try out new features before releasing them to everyone. Think of it as our sandbox, or laboratory, or just “Blogger + new things.” By taking your feedback and looking at what works and what doesn’t, we’ll be able to make features that much better when releasing them to everyone.

How can I use Blogger in draft? How can I stop using Blogger in draft?
To try out Blogger in draft, just go to http://draft.blogger.com/ and log in. If you want to stop using it and go back to “normal” Blogger, simply log in to http://www.blogger.com/ instead. Your blogs and posts are the same regardless of whether you use Blogger in draft or regular Blogger. The only difference is what you see in the interface.

What do I get on Blogger in draft?
Access to new features, functionality, and interfaces we’re trying out. To see what’s currently available on Blogger in draft, read the blog at http://bloggerindraft.blogspot.com/.

How do I let you know my opinion about something on Blogger in draft?
The Blogger in draft blog has comments enabled. Just find a post about the feature you want to talk about, and leave a comment!

Hey! Something changed completely or disappeared! What’s going on?
Features on Blogger in draft may be updated, changed, re-imagined, transmogrified, or removed at any time. Draft gives us the freedom to see what works and what doesn’t before we turn a feature on for everyone, so expect us to make changes — hopefully you’ll think they’re for the better!

If I’m logged in to Blogger in draft, will all my posts be saved as draft?
No, you can publish normally from Blogger in draft. We’re just being playful with the name; it has nothing specifically to do with posts that are saved as drafts. It’s the features that are “in draft,” not (necessarily) your posts.