Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Over at this blog that I follow, I found a good activity for toddlers and since I have two toddlers (ok, one is mine, one I borrow each day). I thought I would try it.

Here are some pics of Madison and Jakob doing our version of the activity. Head on over there to get the real scoop on how to do it and why it's good for your budding students.


2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Cute! Thanks for the link to Momtessori, too.

Also, I enjoyed your belated Tot Talk Tuesday but it wouldn't let me leave a comment on that post.

Laura Beth said...

Jana, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! (and even blogging about it! :) Carolina is fifteen months old, so to me right now the most important thing is for her to have one-to-one correspondence (one item in each hole). As she gets a little older and we do it more and she can concentrate more, I will model how to do it left to right, top to bottom. (You will always try to incorporate that in any activity!) I hope that maybe answers your question! Thanks again for stopping by!

Jana Green said...

Thank you, Laura Beth. I was just wondering how important it was that the items were identical. We used the Little People from Noah's Ark.

Jakob is 18 months and I have a few years experience (although it doesn't feel like enough) teaching preschool in some very high quality preschools.

I need more prereading, premath, preeverything ideas. It's hard to find activities that are as far removed from actual "learning" as I would like.