Tuesday, November 10, 2009

God Still Speaks

Tonight God spoke to me. Through Jakob's Childrens' Bible.

David and I have really been struggling financially. (And when you struggle financially, don't you usually struggle in other ways, too? We do.)

Anyway. My whole life I have wanted to be a stay at home mom. But it just hasn't worked out so far. I have been able to work at home, so it's kind of like I am staying at home with Jakob.

But not really.

Even though it's not really staying at home, I am still counting my blessings that I have been with him at home for this part of his life.

I say all of that to say that David and I are in the middle of making some big decisions to what I am doing.

It is not really working out for me to do what I am doing, and we (mainly I) am really searching for what God wants me to be doing. I have a teaching degree, but the mommy in me struggles against the idea of working out of my house. And leaving Jakob with someone else during the day. To me, that is MY JOB. And I have really, really, really, struggled with why would God give jakob to us and then want me to leave him with someone else for them to raise and influence him.

So I have been on the never ending quest to find what God's will is for my life right now, and I think I have found it.

In Jakob's Childrens' Bible:

Do you see it? No?

Look a little closer.



See. That is my answer. God may need me to work in a way that is not spending my days with Jakob, but He will bring Jakob back to me.

For A Long Time

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CB said...

If this impacted you so much then it could definately be the Spirit leading you to take action and feel peace. I hope you are able to make an easy decision...I will pray that God make any work opportunities very obvious. I have many friends that work outside of the home and they are amazing moms as well. I really think God will use you either way:) You are a great mommy!