Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

I am no longer around kids on a regular basis that can talk, so I am going to have to be creative.

Here goes:

A convict completed serving his 50 year sentence and was released from prison. Upon his release, he ran through the streets of the nearby small town yelling, "I'm free. I'm free!!" Up and down every street, he ran and ran. He stopped after he had run up and down the very last street. As he stopped, and looked around at the beautiful day of his release, he looked down at the young child that just happened to be standing at the end of the same street, and said, "I'm free."

"So what," the child exclaimed. "I'm four."

Ok, yes it was a joke, but I just don't have the cute kiddy talk access that I have had in the past.

Be sure to stop by Niecey's blog and read some actual cute kiddie talk, not just the made up variety.

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1 comment:

Heather said...

So funny!! I am so glad that you stopped by my blog so we can meet! I look forward to following along and getting to know you better!