Monday, April 12, 2010

NOT ME Monday

So at this other blog, they do this carnival of things that you might know someone who did stuff that NO ONE would ever admit to doing. (Confused yet? Ok, good. that was the idea.)

Not that anyone we know does them.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. This week.

We always eat only fresh, healthy foods. Organic, even. That we grow ourselves in our organicish, homegrown composted and mulched greenhouse, raised square foot garden. We definitely did not eat pizza for dinner, and then breakfast.

And then lunch. Nope not us.

Also, when it comes to Jakob sleeping, I am very patient and loving, and will sit with him ALL night if he needs it. So, if you had stopped by our house at bedtime one night last week, you would NOT have found Jakob shut in his room screaming, and me in mine, on my way to sleep. Nope. Jakob always comes first. He goes to sleep with hugs and kisses and sweet homesung lullabies underneath the blanket that I knit for him.

So is there anything you or someone you know did not do this week? don't worry we won't tell. But run over to this blog and link up to read about how perfect everyone else is.

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