Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update On Project Green Baby #2

Ok. Since I am using this a a journal of sorts, I wanted to do a post about what has been going on. Some of you may not be interested in whether I ovulate or not. Feel free to skip this...I just want to remember.

I went in last Friday to get blood drawn to see if I ovulate or not. And it turns out I don't.

This is kind of funny in the sense that I have tried and tried to take those Ovulation Predictor Tests, and they NEVER work.

Well, duh. Guess why they don't work? I'm not as much of an idiot as I thought. Turns out I DO know how to pee on a stick....it just didn't have anything to measure.

So my doctor, whom I LOVE, by the way. (I have heard many complaints about her and her 'bed side manner', but she REALLY knows her stuff. I have been impressed every step of the way. And, come one, who cares about a bed side manner when it comes to giving birth and trying to get pregnant. Let's just get those two things accomplished. *Side note to the side note: I love her bed side manner, too. Hmm. Oh well.)

Where was I?

Oh yeah, my doctor. She prescribed Clomid for me to take, and I start it tomorrow. I am really nervous, because I have always wanted twins, and it feels to me that is what God meant when He told me in the prayer he was waiting for me to get pregnant until I could 'have what I want'.

So we will see. It may not work at all, or I may have just one baby-which I would be THRILLED with.

Or, David may get paid back for all the times he has joked about me having octuplets.

We'll see.

And for those of you going through Jakob withdrawal.......

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