Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Top Ten things to Remember About May 2011

1.We started May in Abilene for Faithworks' graduation. We went there for Easter and ended up staying for two weeks.

2. Jakob's love for balls got focused into baseball/teeball. He would spend HOURS in the frontyard hitting balls off of the tee over and over and over again.

3. Jakob and Josh both love baths. Jakob prefers bathing with Joshua. Joshua may appreciate it more when he can sit up and doesn;t get surprised by splashes as often.

4. Joshua ( finally, finally, finally) started being content playing somewhere that isn't in the wrap. I say finally like that, but really, I love him in the wrap. I wear him at least once a day. He takes most of his naps in it.

5. Josh started food a day before he turned five months (May 30). We started with Avocado. Jakob's first food that wasn't cereal was avocado. He still doesn't like it. I am mixing Joshua's avocado half and half breast milk and avocado in an attempt to get him to love it. I love avocado and really want my boys to like it too.

6. We are using cloth diapers full time now. Haven't used disposables even once in May. I quit with them right at the end of April.

7. Jakob keeps getting more and more outgoing. He is such a confident, happy little boy. He says, "Hi. I'm Jakob." to everyone he sees, no matter where we are, if we've ever seen them before, or if we'll ever see them again. I've seen him get grins out of the roughest, toughest tattoed men. We've only had one rough encounter and that was probably more because Jakob had brought his cap gun in to the store with us and shot with it at one particularly muscled tattoed man, calling him the bad guy. That didn't go over well. We made our purchases and left quickly. Note to self: pretend guns, no matter how plastic and bright orange, need to stay in the house.

8. Something else that we are almost completely finished with is acid reflux. I hardly EVER give Josh his medicine anymore.

9. My sister told me a secret that I am not allowed to tell anyone. It's big, too. The rest of y'all will just have to wait.

10. I love my life. It's not easy, but it's fun. Staying home with my kids and taking care of them and David is what I have always wanted to do. I'm thankful to God and David for allowing me the privilege of doing it.

Bonus: Josh isn't even close to rolling over. And I love it.

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