Sunday, December 7, 2008


So, I know that I have a lot of experience with every age child, but that doesn't exclude me from certain freak outs, or guarantee peace of mind.

You know what I almost freaked out about at the check up for Jake?

He doesn't play peek-a-boo. HA!! All it took was the nurse going down the check list...

Does he cruise? Yes.

Does he imitate speech? Yes.

Does he sleep in his own bed? Yes.

Does he play peek-a-boo? No.

He doesn't play peek-a-boo? No.

Really, he doesn't play peek-a-boo?

It took a lot of effort. I was really surprised she said that last part. Jake and I went into immediate peek-a-boo boot camp as soon as we got home. Which actually was hard to wait that long, because we went to the library first.

Don't worry, I have relaxed. But still. We will keep working on it.

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**The Allisons!** said...

Don't worry!! Kyleigh didn't pass the "peek-a-boo" test either. That's so funny! And look at her now, she turned out fine. :)