Friday, April 23, 2010

A Bug And A Girl

So, the kids have gotten into a habit of bringing me things to see that they have found outside. Usually it's a rock or a plant of some type.

Yesterday, Jakob noticed something on the driveway,
he looked at it, and then went on to play.

My curiosity peaked, I asked him to bring it to me. He promptly obeyed ignored me . So I asked Madison.

"Madison what is that on the driveway?"

She went and looked at it, but did not say anything.

"Madison, bring it to me."

Another blank stare....

She takes another, closer look at it.

"Madison, what is it? Pick it up and bring it to me so I can see it."

She replies, "You pick it up."

She took one more look and reluctantly picked it up and brought it to me.

You can see in the picture how proud she is that she picked it up. She figures she's finally done with this whole 'picking that nasty thing up off of the driveway.' thing.

But, she's not.

"I can't really see it Madison, hold it up closer to me."

"Ok. Not that close....(eww)"

Ok, thanks Madison.

Then she seemingly instantly dropped and stomped on it as if to say, "Take that you nasty June bug."

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